Happy International Translation Day!


Picture: Official poster of International Translation Day 2017 focussing on “Translation and Diversity”. Graphic rendition by canarini communications basel.


Today, we are celebrating International Translation Day for the first time since it was officially recognised by the UN. September 30 is the feast day of St. Jerome, who translated the bible into Latin and is regarded as the patron saint of translators. The UN’s official recognition of International Translation Day marks an important milestone for our industry.

Unlike “doctor” or “attorney”, “translator” is not a legally protected title. Anyone can offer their services as a specialist translator without having completed the appropriate training. You can become a translator simply by calling yourself a translator. Unfortunately, the responsibility involved is often underestimated.

We translators are the quiet little elves behind any text not written in its original language. Our services are essential in many sectors such as medicine, politics, advertising, business and IT. For us, confidentiality, discretion and absolute neutrality always come first.

The official recognition of the UN underscores the importance of professionalism in our unprotected field. We at Traductor are delighted by this significant event, and will be sure to make a big note on September 30 in our diaries in the future, so we can celebrate the day in a fitting manner.