As with many good ideas, the basic concept of our new web design came into being over a relaxed glass of wine with our creative director, Antonio Canarini. At a pleasant get-together, it was decided to visualize Angelo’s Italianità with the new website.

Italian cinema in the 1950s to 1970s often serves as inspiration in Angelo’s life. Cinecittà is practically in his living room. He has been following the international movie scene for many years with fascination and passion. One of his highlights was the pleasure of lunching with Sophia Loren.

But aside from movies, music also plays an important role in Angelo’s life. As a passionate musician, he pays careful attention to rhythm and sound. For him, language is like music, because in the uniqueness of every language is an unmistakable harmony – an enrichment for every culture.

Angelo’s enthusiasm for cultural variety is also reflected in his cooking. A pinch of salt is a must. He combines his enthusiasm for cooking directly with organizing exclusive cookery events.

Angelo’s fascination for art and culture – whether culinary, cinematic, music or language-related – is reflected in his passion for his work.

Capirsi al volo* is the spirit of Traductor, where Italian creativity and art of living is perfectly merged with Swiss punctuality, precision and organization.

The images on our new website reflect Angelo’s passion for Italianità, which is skillfully integrated with the German, French and English expertise of the entire Traductor team.